Travel Guide La Baule Get to know La Baule

What to do in the vicinity of La Baule

La Baule is in a way one of the most beautiful destinations in the world: an immense stretch of sand invites you to stroll and wander between the Bauloises villas with authentic charm. By coming to La Baule, let yourself be attracted by the smell of the pine forest to make you feel truly on vacation.

Ask yourself a moment, look around and try to walk ... You will surely notice that it is nice to appreciate a small ride on rollerblades or bike to browse the streets and discover the aesthetic both representative and original residences that have blended harmoniously with nature.

Let yourself be fascinated by the magnificent buildings that currently hosts thalassotherapy, luxury palaces and hotels by the sea. La Baule is a wonderful invitation to take advantage of a family holiday. Those who love nature will be able to oxygenate and escape on horseback or sailing while taking advantage of the escape provided by the beach.

The city of La Baule, the Pouliguen and Pornichet are all three cities from the great development of craze for seaside recreation and the benefits of iodized air that provides the sea in the late nineteenth century.

In La Baule, there are no streets, only alleys scented with flowers and animated by birds. You can choose to walk to the port of Pouliguen or Benoît beach at the rigors of the avenues and some boulevards that are the pride of the resort.

By hiding the city of buildings that has replaced the beautiful ribbon of house facing the sea, and entering the maze of alleys, we can only go into ecstasies the sight of these thousands of villas and other areas intended for the holiday resort, style combining nature and light, glamor and haven of peace as well as beautiful materials made of wood, slate and stone.

The season's entertainment is packed around the Marché de La Baule, the Avenue de Gaulle and the Casino, which we can only deplore the destruction of the original building, but which remains surrounded by wonderful hotels of great scale. The Hermitage, the Royal and the Castel Marie-Louise still give the city of La Baule a great reputation and give it the distinction of being an incomparable dream destination.