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Vacation rental in La Baule

A member of the club of the most interesting tourist destinations in the world, La Baule owes its reputation to its beach which is one of the longest and the largest in all of Europe. From Pornichet to Pouliguen, it covers an area of ​​9 km. As for its glamorous image, this beautiful bay owes it to the prestigious palaces, historic residences and the originality of its activities.

The undisputed star in La Baule is its large beach. If you plan to travel to this French city, why don’t you opt ​​for a vacation rental near the beach? The latter, spreading its fine sand in an arc facing the ocean, is a marvel ideal for relaxing with family and make the most of the sea.

More secret, creeks follow each other beyond the ports of Pouliguen and Pornichet. You can purchase a vacation rental near these sites for easy access and a more discreet atmosphere.

To guarantee you more sensations during your stay in La Baule, you can choose a vacation rental near its ports. They confirm one of the main nautical vocations of the station. Sails, colorful, enliven the horizon.

La Baule is perfect to taste the pleasures of the dinghy, as realized the brothers Peyron or Pajot! Kitesurfing, surfing and stand-up paddling boost the emotions of gliding. You can also take courses, internships and trips suggested by cenacles located on the docks of the large beach.

Beyond the seafront, the atmosphere changes. More than 150 years ago, as soon as the railway arrived at La Baule, beautiful residences disappeared and mingled in the pine forest. They remain, until today, wonderful rendezvous of great summer opportunities. If you are lucky, you can be part of this world by focusing on a vacation rental in one of the atypical neighborhoods of La Baule where pines and luxuriant nature reign. So do not hesitate to book the rental that suits you 2 to 3 months in advance, because places are limited and very popular.

La Baule is the ideal place to discover a lifestyle that encompasses all kinds of activities. Constantly, the distractions are spelled out with charm and refinement ... This can be seen especially at the morning gallops of the horses, the atmospheres on the beautiful terraces of the 5 stars or thalasso parties in the early afternoon ... Everything is harmonious in La Baule So, why deprive yourself of a vacation rental to make the most of a pleasant stay on this dream destination?