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Celebrities in La Baule

In the nineteenth century was born the prestigious city of La Baule, a perfect holiday destination which is so very appreciated throughout the world. All Paris as well as the inter-war period see in her, a perfect seaside resort to enjoy a stay of expatriation with her relatives, but not only ...

Here, celebrities today are attracted by a magnet and have fallen in love with La Baule for its quiet and discreet side. Peoples do not miss a trip to the edge of one of the most beautiful bays of the French coast ...

It seems that Marion Cotillard had a big crush on La Baule. She describes the city as one of the most beautiful bays with a magnificent white sand curvature. She even insisted that she was a fan of extremely kitsch villas that mingle with nature.

On May 15, 2014, Guillaume Canet was traveling to La Baule to participate in the Western France jumping and won the first prize taking a step ahead of the host Julien Courbet and the charming actress Marina Hands. The actress especially admired the restraint of the Baulois who crossed his path without approaching him or asking him for an autograph. "Being in anonymity sometimes has a luxury flavor ..." she said.

All the stars of the song and the music hall love to perform in La Baule. During the summer of 1959, many artists have chained themselves to star in the example of Yves Montand, Dalida, Sacha Distel, Georges Guétary and the Jacques Brothers. Well before them, there was Edith Piaf, Juliette Greco and Charles Trenet. The years that followed, Johnny Halliday, Sylvie Vartan and Claude François will in turn take the casino of La Baule.

The city does its best to keep its tourist flame, despite the competition from rival destinations and especially those that are exotic. From 1980 to 1989, the hotel and restaurant tennis tournament organized by Moët et Chandon was organized.

This great event has attracted a lot of artists on the platforms bauloises. Among the guests were singers Sacha Distel and Pierre Perret, comedians Francis Perrin and Charles Gérard, host Stéphane Collaro and pilot Jean-Pierre Beltoise who gathered around huge champagne fountains. Also, we recently saw Rocker Johnny Hallyday blow his 66 spring in June 2009 in La Baule.