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We often have holidays in La Baule which looks like the image on a postcard: a small villa with old-fashioned charm, surrounded by a sandy garden protected by tall pines, with bicycles at the bottom of the staircase ... Do you want to have some dreaming views?  Choose a villa rental in La Baule for your holiday.

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Here are our holiday villa rental offers in La Baule. We select each holiday villa proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My home in La Baule offers you also holiday apartments in La Baule and holiday villa with swimming pool in La Baule.

Rent a villa in La Baule for a holiday

Although the seafront is today mainly built of more modern residences, the smaller streets on the other hand retain their charm. You will be able to find in La Baule many houses for rent, at all prices. Make the most of your holidays by opting for a holiday house rental in La Baule with a small garden where you can have an aperitif in the sun and where the children will be able to play about without any danger. From the luxurious villa of the 1930s just a step from the ocean to the small house in subdivision a little further back from the beach, you will find in La Baule a very great diversity of properties for rent. The most upscale neighborhoods, such as the Benoît district, La Baule-Les Pins or the center have preserved many villas from the early 20th century. Right next to the lively avenue of General de Gaulle, you will find charming little streets with villas with a deliciously outdated fragrance. Other districts such as Le Guézy, Escoublac or Grand Clos are not to be outdone: they also offer many houses for rent, often at a more reasonable price. Whether you have a generous budget or a smaller one, with our My Home In La Baule website, take advantage of the comfort and space offered by a holiday house rentalclose to the beach.