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La Baule, the city of the lovers of horses

Are you passionate about horses or have you always wanted to try horseback riding? Do your children feel like signing up for a pony club? La Baule is the city for you! It's no coincidence that one of its most beautiful streets is called L'Allée Cavalière ... Large and lined with tall trees, between the beach and the forest, it offers one of the most pleasant equestrian promenades of the city.You will find in La Baule and its surrounding areas...

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Spending a day in Nantes

Why don’t you make the most of your stay in La Baule so as to go on an outing to Nantes? The Cité des Ducs is only an hour away by car or by train, and it is full of treasures to discover with your loved one but also with your family.The castle of the Dukes of Brittany is one of the great pride of the city. Located in its heart, it is surrounded by an imposing fortress, whose moat...

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Shopping in La Baule and the surrounding areas

Do you need a bathing trunk, a navy sweater, a toy for children or do you just want to shop? You will find in La Baule and its surroundings all the shops you need.The center of La Baule and especially the avenue du General de Gaulle are overflowing with boutiques from major brands of clothing, footwear, leather goods, interior decoration. Window-shopping is pleasant, in this very airy road which leads to the ocean. Also at Pornichet, there are several multi-brand...

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La Baule and its surrounding areas, on foot and by bike

La Baule is the perfect destination if you plan to leave your car in the garage during your holidays. Numerous bike paths have been built in recent decades so as to allow cyclists to move safely in the city. One of the most popular walks is of course that of the embankment, which you can go entirely by bike, from Pornichet to La Turballe. Flat and secured, it is perfect for young and older alike. The walk is wonderful when...

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The Gastronomy of La Baule

Let yourself be surprised by the flavors of the territory of La Baule and Guérande: sweet or salty, they have a little taste of Brittany ...A specialty among the specialties, the irreplaceable Guérande salt perfumes butter and locally made caramels. You can also buy it in raw version, coarse ground salt, natural or fragrant. As for salt marshes, you can also taste salicornes, small plants to crunch like pickles or to cook beans.Other typical swamp production: beef. Livestock is an...

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The Brière

La Baule is not only a beach for as far as the eye can see, it is also a hinterland with a remarkable natural heritage, too often unknown. Have you ever heard about La Briere? Under this unique name, there is a vast diversity of landscapes, extending to the north-west of the Loire estuary: sweet marshes, salt marshes, ponds, farmland, moorland and woodlands. exceptional wealth has received several national rankings (regional nature park, Natura 2000 in particular), and international (registered...

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The most beautiful villas in La Baule

It was only at the beginning of the 20th century, when its neighbors Le Croisic and Le Pouliguen were already attracting the regular visitors of the seaside tourism, that the charms of the bay of La Baule began to interest the promoters. At that time, La Baule was still only a place (La Bôle), not far from the small village of Escoublac, where the train from Paris did not agree to stop in 1879 (12 hours of travel). Thanks to...

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La Baule VIP

At the beginning of the 20th century, La Baule attracted the wealth holder of Nantes and Paris, who built their second homes there. The Paris smart set  gets a move on there soon, in the two prestigious hotels built in the 1920s, L'Hermitage and Castel Marie-Louise, as well as at the Casino. Mistinguett, who arrives there by seaplane, Joséphine Baker, and theater author Sacha Guitry. The golf course and the equestrian center springs up, while one begins to organize great...

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Beaches and water sports in La Baule

With its 9 kilometers of blond sand, the beach of La Baule is undoubtedly the most beautiful advantage of this seaside resort. That is why the municipality pays special attention to it. Being cleaned every other night, supervised throughout the summer, forbidden to dogs, it is in an irreproachable cleanliness and security.The most exclusive part of the beach is located at the district of Benoît, in front of the chic hotels L'Hermitage, the Castel Marie-Louise, as well as the Casino....

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