The Gastronomy of La Baule

Let yourself be surprised by the flavors of the territory of La Baule and Guérande: sweet or salty, they have a little taste of Brittany ...

A specialty among the specialties, the irreplaceable Guérande salt perfumes butter and locally made caramels. You can also buy it in raw version, coarse ground salt, natural or fragrant. As for salt marshes, you can also taste salicornes, small plants to crunch like pickles or to cook beans.

Other typical swamp production: beef. Livestock is an ancestral tradition: it is done in accordance with the cattle, fed GM-free, and the environment. Look for the "Brière de bovine" label and take advantage of tasty meat, which boosts the local economy.

As far as the ocean is concerned, the coasts of La Baule are full of treasures: the shell (or "rigadeau") and Croisic prawns, sardines and anchovies marinated in La Turballe oil, oysters and bouchot mussels Assérac ...

Finally, because La Baule is the most Breton seaside resorts of Loire-Atlantique, let yourself be tempted by a real breton cake (with buckwheat flour), accompanied by a good bowl of cider! Guéméné cheese, salmon or sausage, it never disappoints.

As for the sweetness pleasures, you can bring back the famous caramels with salted butter of Guérande, of which young and older alike are fascinated. If you want to taste a typically baulois product, you can not miss a "baulois fondant", a chocolate fondant with caramel in salted butter. Finally, do not miss to visit "Manuel's", the confectionery that is at the corner of the embankment and the avenue of General de Gaulle, to discover the famous "niniches", a kind of soft lollipops, which savor happily by strolling along the water's edge.