Travel Guide La Baule Get to know La Baule

How to go to La Baule

La Baule, the city where everything is illuminated ... La Baule, this charming seaside resort with major attractions so much appreciated by a huge number of tourists ... The tourist destination encourages you to see where the wind takes you and meet its beautiful city center , its estuary port and the various entertainment it has to offer.

What is sure is that you will have a lot of fun in La Baule. How will you get there? Let us suggest you some solutions so that your trip can be done in peace regardless of the means of transport that you have chosen!

Traveling to La Baule by plane

If you have chosen to come to La Baule by plane, know that you will land either at the airport of La Baule-Pornichet + Pouliguen, the closest to the city center of the destination.

There are many airlines that serve the platform, it will be easy to find a flight from other French cities, but it is necessary to compare prices each time to find an interesting place.

If you are a budget traveler, know that there are low cost airlines such as Ryanair and EasyJet offering affordable airfares. Also, it is more convenient to prefer a trip by plane to arrive quickly to La Baule.

Traveling to La Baule by Train

Taking the train to come to La Baule is also an excellent option both economical and fast. TGVs, making regular connections between several cities in France, are available daily. Tickets must be reserved a few days before the big departure.