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Famous movies made in La Baule

August 15 (film, 2001, Alessandrin)

The August 15th film produced by Alessandrin is one of the marvelous comic achievements of the moment released in 2001. The scenarios are both funny, sarcastic, amusing and creative.

This is the kind of comedy to watch as a family. The director and his wife Liza Azuelos-Alessandrin had the good idea to bring together the great personalities Berry-Berling-Darroussin who brilliantly perform their roles.


The band of Max, Vincent and Raoul will find their respective wives in La Baule to spend the weekend of August 15. Landing under water, in the rental villa they rented as a family, they realize that their wives withdrew leaving them children and a note ...

The Baule-les-Pins

Yes, there is actually a movie that bears the name of the city Les Baule-les-Pins. This is a French feature film produced by the talented Diane Kurys in the 90s.


In the summer of 1958, 13-year old Frederic and his 8-year-old sister, Sophie, come to La Baule, as they do every year, for their holidays with their uncle Léon, Aunt Bella and their cousins. But this time, Lena, their mother, makes them understand that she will come later. Smart as it is, Frédéric realizes immediately that the situation is not normal ...

Basically, Lena, who no longer loves her husband Michel who, too, decided not to go on vacation, has an adventure with Jean-Claude, a rather ordinary artist. She decided to take her lover to the beach of La Baule, but take care that others do not discover his relationship.

But in the long run, she starts becoming suspicious ... Later, Michel and their children discover the pink post while investigating Lena's incessant journeys back and forth with this new car little known to all ...

Lola (movie, 1961)

This masterpiece is a Franco-Italian feature film made by Jacques Demy. It was released in 1961. This is without a doubt one of the oldest films shot in La Baule. Original film marking a trilogy, Lola was thereafter followed in 1964 with the release of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. Finally, the film was completed in 1969 with Model Shop.