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Find your villa rental in La Baule les Pins for a summer holiday

If you see La Baule as a beautiful picture of postcard - pretty villas coiled in their pine forest -, this one was probably sent from La Baule-Les Pins. Superb neighborhood of houses of the Roaring Twenties, so much displayed, it is one of the most known - and most prized - of La Baule. Choose a villa rental in La Baule Les Pins!

Our villa rentals in La Baule Les Pins

Here are our holiday villa rental offers in La Baule les Pins. My home in proposes also villas in La Baule Escoublac or in the Benoit district

Rent a villa in La Baule Les Pins for a holiday

Most of the films that had the station as its surroundings were shot there: you can read our article "To see / read before leaving". For true Baulois holidays, book from now on our website your holiday house rental in La Baule, in the district of La Baule-Les Pins It was in 1921 that Louis Lajarrige, who soon gave his name to one of the most important avenues in La Baule, acquired a parcel of "Bois d'Amour" to establish a residential area there. To forgive himself for having profaned this wild environment in the poetic name, he preserved the plantations and made his own property, the Dryades park, accessible to the public. La Baule-Les Pins springs up sands and pinewoods, with streets in the wooded name: rue des Tilleuls, place des Palmiers, avenues of hydrangeas, poplars, rose hips ... If the villas on the waterfront have largely given way which was subsequently converted to the large residences of the second half of the 20th century, the area was, as a whole, very well preserved. You can still admire a good number of houses of the early 20th century, with their architecture so special. For more information on these villas, you can consult our article "The most beautiful villas of La Baule". With La Baule, you can book your holiday house rental La Baule in the district of La Baule-Les Pins.