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A little further back from the ocean, and therefore from the summer bustle, leaning against the very pretty forest of the same name, the district of Escoublac is known for its calm. Choose a holiday apartment rental in La Baule Escoublac!

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Here are our holiday apartment offers in La Baule Escoublac. My home in proposes you also some apartment rentals in La Baule city centre and some in the Grand Clos district.

Rent an apartment in La Baule Escoublac for the summer

Many residences - some with a swimming pool - have been built here in recent decades. You will find apartments at all prices: the cost depends on the proximity of the ocean, as well as the facilities offered. With My Home In La Baule, find the right accommodation for you by checking out our offers for apartments in La Baule in the Escoublac area.In the 16th century, the small coastal village of Escoublac, threatened by sand - dune, is moved a little higher up in the land. Once again at risk at the end of the eighteenth century, it was re-established a little further north. It was only in the second half of the 19th century that two investors decided to solve the problem by a program of softwood plantations and other trees that permanently fixed the dunes. Sands appearing suddenly in Escoublac and soon served by the railway line Saint-Nazaire-Le Croisic, begins to attract fans of seaside tourism. The village is attached to La Baule in 1962, at a time when tourism is becoming more democratic. The villas of the great fortunes of Nantes and Paris are next to large modern buildings ready to welcome these new visitors. Today, the attractiveness of the Escoublac district has not diminished. More from the ocean, therefore more affordable than the waterfront, it seduces by its tranquility and its proximity to the town center and the forest of Escoublac, a haven of freshness in the summer torpor. Opting for an apartment rental in La Baule, in the Escoublac area, is to choose the calm close to all the services- in La Baule, the beach is never far away, especially if you like the bike.